Selera Warisan Keropok Lekor Sampan 600g

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Today, our Keropok Lekor has become more than just a snack; it’s an accompaniment during tea time and the perfect supper snacks.

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Product Description

Take a journey to Terengganu’s coastal charm with Selera Warisan’s Lekor Sampan! Crafted over 30-40 years ago, this snack’s origin story unfolds with hardworking fishermen returning home with an excess of fish from their sea adventures.

The “lekor” in its name is a playful nod to its circular, rolled shape, reflecting how it’s made and its unique Terengganu accent pronunciation. The “sampan”, known as “kolek” in Malay, is a small wooden boat, skiff or canoe-like coastal craft typically propelled by oars