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How Do I Earn Loyalty Points?
Simply create an account with us to receive 100 points for your first transaction. Each time you spend you will receive an email of your order, and an updated loyalty points balance.

How Do I Check My Loyalty Points?
You can sign in on our website and click on ‘My Account’ and check under ‘Rewards’

How Do I Use My Rewards?
Once you unlock a reward, it will automatically enable you to claim your rewards. You can choose to use it or keep accumulating for future orders.

Terms & Conditions

Toko Warisan Trading reserves the right to modify or cancel vouchers at any time
Vouchers can only be used once
If you redeem your voucher online for a purchase less than the full value of the voucher, the balance of the voucher is not redeemable on another purchase
If you return any of the items purchased with a voucher, the value may be subtracted from the return credit.

If you have any questions let us know: [email protected]

Toko Warisan Loyalty Program

Welcome to our free loyalty rewards program that gets you exclusive deals and rewards!
This rewards program allows you to collect points for every purchase you make and then convert those points into discounts on future orders!

You can select to use your points to offset your total upon checkout or choose among the variety of free goodies we have on the website.