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Product Description

Formulated by using Australian fresh milk with imported high quality Raisin & Dates concentrate this milk is special tailored for ORIGINA Lovers, plus we also added the king of spices; Saffron Extract just for you!

ORIGINA Specialities

  • 100% using imported Australian Milk which is specially tailored as Australian Fresh Milk profile.
  • Using Raisin fruit grown and cultivated from California, USA finest plantation region.
  • Additional Saffron element to the milk to complete as Ramadhan comfort drink. Saffron milk is usually treat as calming drink as it offer varieties of healt benefit and warmness.
  • No artificial coloring and artificial preservatives
  • High in Calcium: Calcium support in teeth and brain development (crucial for kids’ development).
  • High in Vitamin B3 (Niacin): is needed for energy release from carbohydrate, protein and fat. (Highly important as energy supply during fasting time).
  • No SUGAR is added. Sweetness comes naturally from dates and raisin itself with addition of no calories sweeteners to lower the amount the total sugar content delivers to body.
  • No cholesterol, colouring or preservatives added. Suitable for all age group (kids>2 years old).
  • Good Source of protein. Complete 8% of protein requirement per day.

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