Sumber Ayu Pembersih Kewanitaan Daun Sirih Whitening Floral

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200ml + 50ml

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Product Description

Feel the best benefits of Sumber Ayu Clear White Feminine Cleaner with enhanced
Triple Whitening Extract. Contains selected natural ingredients: Bengkoang Extract,
Chamomile, Milk and Manjakani Rapet Wood and Betel Leaf which are useful for:

– Helps to brighten the skin around the female area which is darkened due to friction with skin
and clothes
– Cleanses the feminine area, reduces unpleasant odors, while helping to keep it soft
– Formulation with a pH of 3.5 which helps maintain the natural condition of the feminine area

How To Use:
Lather on the palms with a little water, then wash into the female area, rinse thoroughly.